Sunday, January 26, 2014


Tabouli is my favorite salad hands down. Its a famous Lebanese salad. Its usually eaten as an appetizer, I like to eat it as a meal. 
Parsley is amazing and full of good nutrients. Its hard to clean and chop that's why I do not make this salad very often, They should make a clean and chopped parsley salad bag ;).

I decided to chop the parsley with a food processor (since I am lazy) and I usually add the burgul in a deep bowl with some water and microwave it. The burgul will cook instantly. 

3 bunches finely chopped parsley
2-3 tablespoons fine burgul (cracked wheat)Chopped firm tomato 1/2 onion choppedDrizzle of Virgin olive oil1/4 cup fresh lemon juice (you can add more or less)
Pinch of salt

I usually let the burgul cool for a bot before mixing it with the salad. I first add the parsley then tomatoes, onions, burgul, lemon and olive oil. I try to not use salt, but you can use it for extra flavor. Mix well a chill in the fridge. 

I love to eat it with whole wheat pita bread or with some tortilla chips. 

* you can find Burgul in the stores, in the middle eastern isle. you can use cooked quinoa, I haven't tried it yet. 
mmm its saaah good! Enjoy xoxo Rosene :)

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