Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Growing Alfalfa Sprouts

So one weekend i decided to go to my favorite vegan place, and try the collard wrap. I noticed I was chowing on weird green strings. I then found out that these wormy and earthy tasting things are called alfalfa sprout.
At first I didn't like how they tasted and I hated the texture. But just like anything new i try, I hate at first then I end up addicted to it. I stared to buy it from whole foods or the health store and it was quite pricey. So I decided to grow them. 
I was shocked by how easy it is to grow alfalfa! all you need is:
A jar
Organic alfalfa seeds
Filtered water
Screen or woven material (i used gauze)
Rubber band

I added two table spoons of the seeds in the jar and covered it with water. placed the gauze and rubber band of top. I left the seeds soak for 12 hours (or over night) in a dark place like the pantry.

After the seeds have soaked for 12 hours drain the water by simply turning the jar over and allowing the water to drain through the gauze. make sure that all the water is out.
Make sure to rinse the seeds everyday, twice a day. make sure to train all the water
They do not need to be in direct sun, it can be stored on the kitchen counter while growing.
This process takes 4-5 days. just remember keep on rinsing and draining the water (first picture is day 3, second picture is day 4)

Once the alfalfa is about 1-2 inch long, give it a good rinse, remove the screen/ gauze, rinse again to get rid of any seeds

lay the alfalfa on a paper towel to dry completely and they are ready to use on salads or wraps!
Alfalfa sprout is high in protein and full of vitamins 
Happy growing
xoxo Rosene

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