Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall

Happy fall everyone :). Its absolutely my favorite season. Enjoy it, eat lots of pies, drink pumpkin spiced lattes and chai, take a long hike/walk and enjoy what natures has to offer!

I have to admit, Trader Joe's made me very happy when I saw they have a full shelve with new products that goes perfectly for the fall season.
I was thrilled to see pumpkin spice chai! and pumpkin rooibos herbal tea! I love you Trader Joe's, and love all your weird and unexpected items :) 
I hope everyone have a great and a wonderful fall. xo Rosene 


  1. Trader Joe's kills me. They always have the best stuff! The closest one is 3 hours away, but for those fall goodies, I think I might need a little roadtrip...

    1. I feel you, I used to live in the Midwest, and I had to travel 70 minutes to go to the closest Trader Joe's. When I used to go I used to buy for the entire month! I think other stores carried pumpkin spice coffee from other brands :)

  2. I've read so much about pumpkin spice everything that I feel bad I've never tried anything like it. We don't have stuff like that in Europe and I think it's high time I ordered some. :D

    1. you can actually make it from scratch. there are tones of awesome pumpkin spice latte recipes online. Its very good and you should deff. try it:)